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Prostate Growth (BPH)
Prostate Growth (BPH)  

Prostate Growth (BPH)



Difference 1: No obligation to drug companies, doctors, or for political handouts. We eliminate biased information.

How bias affects decisions, an example:. Researchers asked radiation oncologists what they recommend for prostate cancer. 90% replied - can you guess? Radiation. When the same question was put to urologists, 90% replied - you know the answer, of course. Operate!

The Society gives you facts, pro and con, about ALL therapies. Men in prostate situations must make decisions with their quality of life, even life itself, in doubt. At such times, nothing - absolutely nothing! - is more valuable than clear, complete, authoritative information.

Over and over, members tell us: "You've given me more answers than I ever got trying to talk with my doctor."

Difference 2: No one is ever denied information or help due to inability to pay.

Other organizations sell memberships, a magazine, or their newsletter costing $28 per year or more. Pay their charges, or you don't get their help.

APS has no fees, no dues. We sell nothing. Get on our membership roll, and you get UPDATE newsletters automatically as published. Get e-mailed answers to e-mailed questions. 100% free, no obligations ever.

Members and others ask us, "How do you manage all of this without charging dues or fees?" It's not easy! But there are two answers.

One: many members believe in what we are doing and voluntarily contribute toward our expenses. Sometimes it's a few dollars, sometimes it's $100 or more.

Two: we keep expenses rock-bottom by relying on volunteer help and NOT paying big salaries. We research our UPDATE newsletters "in house," prepare them on computer, print and mail them at minimum cost. Our biggest cost is the postage - nothing we can do about that!

If you feel like contributing to our work, don't resist. See Gifts/contributions.

Difference 3: Our mission is to cut prostate deaths and distress now.

Waiting on research to come up with cures is for others, not for us. If a cure for prostate cancer, growth/urination, or prostatitis were found today, 10 years would go by before it could be FDA-approved and available.

To wait on this possibility and watch 32,000 men die preventable deaths each year is simply inexcusable.

We hope you agree!