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Prostate Growth (BPH)  

Prostate Growth (BPH)



Extracted from our Special Report originally written by Geoffrey N. Sklar, M.D.

Thinking of male sexual incapability as "impotence" is a main mistake. Impotence is a lack of power and strength, which have nothing to do with making love. The man who looks upon himself as "impotent" is just putting himself down.

Modern medicine uses a more accurate term, "erectile dysfunction." This is what it's all about, the inability to attain and maintain an erection hard enough to complete sexual intercourse more than half the time sex is desired.

The man with erectile dysfunction has armies of companions. Experts believe about 30 million U.S. men suffer this unhappy situation to some degree. Think of it as an equal opportunity happening.

To refer to an erection is to refer to blood. The brain responds to sexual stimulation by telling the heart to pump more blood into the arteries in the penis. These arteries get the message and dilate twice normal size. Blood-flow jumps 16 times normal. Veins in the two channels of the penis called the "Corpus cavernosa" narrow to trap blood in place. The penis lengthens and can double in circumference. And this takes place in less than 60 seconds!

And some people think computers are a miracle.

This elaborate system can break down from different causes. Until recently, physicians dismissed the problem as "all in your mind." Today, experts say mental/emotional problems may explain erectile dysfunction in no more than 15% of the men affected. In this relatively small number of men dysfunction is sometimes explained by a new partner, anxiety, fear of failure, or stress. As an associate once put it, "When the mind is fighting your penis, the mind always wins!"

Most dysfunction is caused by disease affecting blood vessels, or age-induced deterioration of blood vessels. Other problems are low testosterone and excessive use of tobacco or alcohol.

These problems are so technical it requires far too much space to make them comprehensible here.

The main answer today is Viagra, which surely needs no explanation. However, vacuum systems, MUSE, Caverject, and penile implants are alternatives for men who find Viagra either unsuccessful or rule out for physical reasons.

Much is going on in this field, not the least of which is the formation of herbal stimulants largely containing Chinese herbs. TAP Pharmaceutical has a product name UPRIMA under investigation, and may become available in the very near future. Watch this site for updating, including a new Special Report later this year.