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Prostate Cancer
Prostate Growth (BPH)
Prostate Growth (BPH)  

Prostate Growth (BPH)


Navigating managed health care. Health care can be complicated, but you do have rights. The rights you have depend on how you get your coverage, the type of health plan you have (such as HMO, PPO, or Point-of-Service/POS) and the state in which you live. by visiting www.healthinsuranceinfo.net, you can get information about agencies in your state that can help you resolve a problem you may be having.

Delays or denials of needed medical care. If you have had needed medical care delayed or denied, you may have the right to have that decision reviewed by an organization that is not connected to your health plan. Many states, though not all, offer a process is called "independent Medical Review" or "External Review." If your state has a program for reviewing health plan decisions, you will need to file a request with that agency. Each state has an agency that oversees health plans or health insurance companies. Sometimes the agency is the department of insurance or department of health. To find out which agency oversees health care in your state, visit www.healthinsuranceinfo.org.